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my family

family history


the family of Ernst and Rachel Van Coevorden

I am the son of Ernst's youngest son :
Louis van coevorden who changed his name upon arrival in palestine in 1947 [israel from 1948]
to Jehuda shimoni.
Jehuda was born on 3.4.1919 te coevorden.
JEHUDA escaped from holland in jan 1942 [ with max weissglas and the sanders brothers].
reached england - liverpool [ was an englandvaarder]-withmax [ march 1944] via:
switzerland[ cossonay labor camp] ,occupied france , spain
{crossed the pyreenes [ oct 1943] with alfred frank } , portugal and gibraltar .

Jehuda participated in the capture of adolf eichman in argentina in may 1960.

Ernst and Rachel had 4 children .
Adina Kochba and jehuda survived WW2 and lived in israel.
Fritz pershed in 1944 and Yetta died in 1950 .
their children-the grand children of ERnst and Rachel [ 8 ] grew in israel and have married children -all living in Israel.
Of the 8 children 7 are grandparents .