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Verhaal: Elaine

Daniel & Clementine Stoppelman's children

I am interested in Daniel & Clementine Stoppelman

My great aunt (1914-2000) is Ellen
Stoppelman Wadsworth. She is the daughter of Daniel & Clementine Stoppelman. She had 2 sisters - Gerda
and Margot. Ellen and Margot survived
the Holocaust. Gerda died at Auschwitz with her parents. Gerda had a baby boy -
she gave him to a couple in Holland to take
care of before she was deported. Ellen
escaped the Holocaust by going to England. She married a British Air Force
pilot who died in WWII. She moved to the US after the war and married my great uncle, Ralph Roger Wadsworth. They
didn't have any children. She reconnected with Margot (who escaped the Holocaust by going to Latvia) after the war. They contacted their nephew in Holland, but he
had no interest in meeting them or learning about his birth parents.
I am interested in tracing Daniel and
Clementine's ancestors back as far as possible. All I know is that Daniel's
parents were named Mozes Stoppelman and Geertje VanZand. I have additional
information, including photos, of Ellen
that I would be happy to share.
My contact info is:
Elaine Brighton
12210 SE 60th Street #13
Bellevue, WA 98006 USA
Phone: 425-502-8632